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    Private clients

    Vehicle insurance 

    For every vehicle registered in the Estonian Motor Vehicle Registration Centre, a motor third party liability insurance contract must be signed. This ensures the liability of the vehicle owner if their vehicle causes damage to anyone.

    Travel insurance

    Travel insurance is needed by everyone who likes travelling abroad, for a lot that is unexpected may happen while far away from home. Before you pack your suitcase, it pays to purchase quality travel insurance from ERGO. 

    Home insurance

    The homes of people are different and so are our expectations and needs for insurance. For this reason the insurance specialists of ERGO have created insurance packages, so that everyone could find the insurance solution exactly suitable for him/her.

    Legal assistance insurance

    Legal assistance insurance will help in situations, where you or your family have suffered injustices and this results in financial expenditures or lost indemnity. 

    Term life insurance

    Term life insurance is a type of life insurance that offers security for those close to you. 

    Health insurance

    Be healthy! Good health! This is what we wish for a friend. At the same time we know that accidents come unexpectedly and that nobody is protected from falling ill.

    Accident insurance

    Life is unforeseeable and none of us are safe from accidents. An accident may cause a reduction or loss of working ability, which in its turn results in financial problems arising from reduced income.

    All insurance products

    Corporate clients

    Corporate property insurance

    Company insurance has been designed for legal entities. The policyholder may be the owner, lessee, sublessee, mortgagee or other lawful possessor of the property to be insured. 

    Electronic equipment insurance

    ERGO’s electronic equipment insurance has been designed both for individuals as well as legal entities. The policyholder may be either the owner or lawful possessor of the electronic equipment to be insured.  

    Apartment association liability insurance

    Apartment association liability insurance covers the apartment association’s property and liability insurance. Property insurance provides the option to insure buildings and facilities; liability insurance covers the personal and property damages to third parties pursuant to law and, if the contract includes the corresponding coverage, then also the damages caused to the members of the apartment association.

    Construction insurance

    There is a lot of construction. New production and office buildings are rising, as well as shopping centres, apartment buildings and private residences. 
    Construction all-risks insurance provides the means for managing the risks.

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