Corporate Clients

ERGO provides you with all of the insurance services necessary for a corporate client. If you have any more questions, please contact the corporate client administrator.

Corporate property insurance

Corporate property insurance can be used to insure buildings, interior fittings, structures, inventory, equipment, machinery, raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products or goods. The insurance contract will be drafted with regards to the policyholder’s wishes and insured risks.

Liability insurance

Our daily work involves legal relations with clients and cooperation partners. It may occur that the use of a product or service results in a damage claim. In the case of damage, a person has a legal right to claim compensation for them. Liability insurance covers personal and property damages caused to a third person.

Apartment association liability insurance

Apartment association’s property insurance can be used to insure buildings and structures and the liability insurance covers any personal and property damage to third parties pursuant to law and, if the contract includes the respective coverage, then also the damages caused to the members of the apartment association.

Employer’s health insurance

ERGO offers large and small companies the option of concluding a private health insurance contract for their employees. Employer’s health insurance complements national health insurance and provides good added value to the employee motivation package. Conclusion of the contract is swift and easy for both the employer and the employee

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Motor hull insurance

Decide for yourself what kind of protection your car needs! With new ERGO motor hull insurance we have put the basic coverage in place and the rest is up to you. Choose the suitable coverage for your needs!

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Motor TPL insurance

Motor TPL is mandatory for every vehicle registered in Estonia. This is used to compensate for the losses of the injured party. In Estonia, a paper copy of the MTPL insurance policy does not have to be carried.

Equipment insurance

Electronic Equipment insurance provides the opportunity to insure computers, data processing devices, medical equipment, telecommunications equipment, measurement and testing equipment, video cameras and other equipment used in filmmaking, video and sound equipment, office equipment, etc.

Marine Cargo insurance

Marine Cargo insurance offers the opportunity to insure goods transported from A to B. Special arrangements can be made to insure cargo that is not subject to a purchase and sale transaction. For example, we can insure goods in the possession of the policyholder themselves, that are being transported from one place to another: e.g. exhibition items, personal items when moving, etc.