Vehicle's E-insurance

ERGO and Telia have partnered together to create a novel type of E-insurance for vehicles, where the cost of the insurance depends on the actual usage of the vehicle. This way you can save up to 60% on insurance!

  • Can be used conveniently through the mSõiduk mobile app
  • Additional possibility of automatic switch on/switch off
  • Also extendable via a GPS-device to motor own damage insurance
  • Payment takes place via next month’s mobile invoice from Telia, based on the number of days driven
  • Excellent choice for ‘hobby’ vehicles
  • If you don't use the vehicle for the whole month, you only pay monthy fee.



A unique solution in the Estonian market, offering you insurance based  on the volume of consumption. Your options include manually controlled and automatic motor third party liability insurance and automatic motor own damage insurance.


The cost of insurance depends on monthly fee and the number of days it is used – you can save up to 60% per month. This, in case you are not using the vehicle at all during the current month when the insurance is valid.


Payment takes place via next month’s mobile invoice from Telia.

Using the app is easy:

1. Enter the vehicle’s registration plate
2. Select a suitable insurance plan
3. Conclude the contract

The motor own damage insurance plan includes (all insurance covers apply, both when the vehicle is at a standstill as well as when it is being driven):

Passanger cars and minivansMotorcycles
Fire and explosion
Natural disaster
Traffic accident
Damage, destruction or theft
Collision with an animal
ERGO Autoabi roadside assistance
ERGO replacement car
Window cover

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Termination of the contract

Motor TPL insurance

Motor third party liability insurance (MTPL)

NB! Night-time and early morning driving with manually selected insurance

Switching off manually selected insurance

Automatic motor third party liability insurance

Motor Casco insurance

MoD comes with:

MoD for leased vehicles

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Automatic insurance before installation of a GPS device

Installation of a GPS device

GPS device on a motorcycle

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